#StayHome Sale, for an Easier Lockdown

#StayHome Sale, for an Easier Lockdown

during the lockdown sale, start learning something new

Working from home isn’t for everyone, and it may be tough to acclimatise if you’re not used to it. Most difficult of all though, is cutting back, or stopping altogether, some activities we do in our free time—especially those which involve being outdoors. So, here’s the deal: to avoid cabin fever, boredom, and anxiety, keep your brain active and start learning something new! Pick up a course and go with it. If you have a lot of free time, why not take more than one lesson per week? Use this time as an opportunity to stay busy and productive and develop a new sought-after skillset.

All our courses­—regardless of the length—are discounted by 10% throughout the lockdown period (based upon where you live).

If you have friends, family, or colleagues who are also interested, you have the chance to take the course in duos or trios. So the cost is divided either two, or three ways—you will only have to pay 1/2 or 1/3 of the original price for each lesson. Again, this offer is only available for the duration of your country’s  lockdown period.

Once the lockdown is lifted, you can of course finish the module at the same discounted price.

Browse the thematics and make your choice! Don’t just #StayHome, #MakeItCount, and start learning something new today!
If you have questions, send them to [email protected].


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