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Unreal Engine 5 tech demo

Will Unreal Engine 5 Render 3D Modellers Obsolete?

Epic’s jawdropping Unreal Engine 5 tech demo, “Lumen in the Land of Nanite” has been released just recently, granting a sneak peak into next-gen video game graphics. While the Tomb Raider-esque presentation was very engaging and fun to watch, I couldn’t help but feel some level of uncertainty about how much this technology is going…
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webdesign is a specialisation

Why Webdesign Is a Specialisation

Webdesigner, and its very popular specialisations, such as User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) Designer are the most commonly offered design jobs in the industry today. They are also excellent career destinations, so it isn’t surprising that lots of people search for webdesign courses, both on- and offline. Not many of them know, however, that…
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video game artist

I Wanna Be A Video Game Artist

What Makes a Video Game Artist? Well, that depends on a handful of things. A few years ago, I would have started with looking at two different directions, depending on how many dimensions your artwork was visible in. Nowadays however, most everyone needs (at least some kind of) 3D expertise to be able to get…
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