expert visual identity design

12×120 minute-long lessons.

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What is this module about?

This module takes identity design to corporate-level, where the stakes are high and the guidelines can take up a whole book, waiting to be written by the designer.

What are the requirements for this module?

Completion of the General Studies (or demonstrable knowledge) is required for this module.

It is important that you have enough free time to work on your project, since this module is designed like a workshop: we’ll analyse, challenge, and improve your work.

Be prepared to provide the material by completing your homework on time.

You will need access to Adobe Creative Cloud, and a computer that can run Bridge, Illustrator Photoshop and InDesign simultanously.

Whom is it recommended for?

Graphic designers who wish to take their ability to design visual identities to the next level. Professionals who want to face and overcome challenges brought by high-profile clients.

Team leaders, art and creative directors who want to be efficient and thorough while remaining open-minded and creative when facing larger-than-life projects.

Software we use


Analysis of High-Profile Identities

Structure, usage, instructions, directions, and rules.


project “bigshot”—step one

Choosing a high-profile company and preparing for complete redesign.

Logo and Tagline

Logo and tagline sketch in two different directions. Thorough explanation.

Colour and Shape

Definition of colours. The meaning and usage of shapes.


The choice and usage of fonts. Good and bad examples.


project “bigshot”—step two

Business card, letterhead, email header and signature.


Applying the elements of the identity on several examples. How does it appear on cars, billboards, attire, buildings, websites?


project “bigshot”—final step

Creating the guidebook with examples.

Legal Aspects of Identity Design

Copyright, usage right, the handover of work files.


Value-based pricing 101.