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What is this module about?

Digital design collects the most sought-after professions in the graphic design business today. Rooted in (the now old-fashioned term) webdesign or digital layouting, it has grown into a rich career path that among others includes user interface and experience, content, product, and application design. This module introduces the theoretical and practical aspects of the above-mentioned areas, using industry-standard software and methods that are easily adaptable to other applications in this highly competitive and exciting industry.

Important: this is not a webdeveloper course.

What are the requirements for this module?

Whom is it recommended for?

Graphic designers who wish to become digital designers, and established print designers who want to broaden their expertise with professional output to digital platforms.

Software we use


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The module ideally takes 24 lessons to finish.

A lesson is 90 minutes long.

It is recommended to take 1 lesson a week.




(paid in 6 installments)

£ 276 ×6 (£ 1656)

FOR duos:

(paid in 6 installments)

£ 138 ×6 (£ 828) /student