4. typography and publishing

What is this module about?

Concluding the General Studies of the Graphic Design Masterclass, you will learn typography, layout design, and prepress. You will have two projects to complete: a challenging technical one, and a complex design one. In the latter, you will use the knowledge and experience you gained during your General Studies, and will design a printed or digital magazine for your portfolio from scratch, complete with navigation, original content, and advertisements.

What are the requirements for this module?

Whom is it recommended for?

By completing this module (along with the previous three) you will have the tools and understanding required to start your graphic designer career. You will also have three original projects in your portfolio, showcasing your various skills, along with your style.

Software we use



The New Document dialogue. Trim, margin, bleed, and slug. Facing pages. Output black and other mysteries.

The Graphic Designer’s Alphabet

An autopsy of typefaces. Font types and styles. The Adobe Typekit.

The Character Palette

Leading, tracking and kerning. Ligatures and other opentype features. Limitations on the usage of tracking and horizontal scale.

The Paragraph Palette

Alignments and indents. The single-line and the paragraph composer. Document grid usage. Optical margin alignment.

Paragraph and Character Styles

Character formatting. Indents and spacing. Tabs. Rules, borders and shading. Hyphenation. Bullets and numbering. Drop caps and nested styles.

Sub-editing and Automation with GREP

Find/Change Text vs Find/Change GREP. The usage of GREP in paragraph styles. Workflow: sub-editing, editing and proofreading.

Using Colour in InDesign

Colour and Tint. Swatches and CC Libraries. The Adobe Colour Exchange.

Masters and Sections

The Pages palette. Master pages, sections and numbering.

Working with Tables

Creating, styling and designing tables.


Historical tales of past struggles, and how modern prepress works.

Interactive Features

Interactive features in InDesign and Acrobat.

Digital Publishing

Ebook-specific layout and features. Publishing as epub and as interactive pdf.


project “elan”—general challenge

A thorough analysis and preparation of a 24-page brochure.
Recreation of and improvement on the 24-page brochure.

project “magazine”—general challenge

Create the contents. Gather and create imagery. Prepare all elements.

Project “magazine”—print challenge

Edit the contents for purpose. Design cover, navigation and structure. Flow text. Preflight & prepress for printing. Export to PDF.

project “magazine”—digital challenge

Edit the contents for purpose. Create a liquid layout.
Design interactive navigation. Flow text and inline images.
Preflight and preview on devices. Publish digitally.


The module ideally takes 16 lessons to finish.

A lesson is 90 minutes long.

It is recommended to take 1 lesson a week.




(paid in 4 installments)

£ 276 ×4 (£ 1104)

FOR duos:

(paid in 4 installments)

£ 138 ×4 (£ 552) /student