3. Image manipulation and print design

12×120 minute-long lessons.

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What is this module about?

In this module, you’re making friends with the industry’s most misunderstood tool, Adobe Photoshop. You will learn how to fix, manipulate, and retouch photographs, and you will design a billboard from start to finish that will be added to your portfolio once completed.

You will also learn how to handle colour conversions, and how to deal with image resolution.

What are the requirements for this module?

You will need access to Adobe Creative Cloud, and a computer that can run Photoshop. A pen tablet (like the Wacom Intuos series) is required for masking and retouching work. Please note that an iPad Pro + Apple Pencil will only be sufficient if Photoshop running on your iPad Pro and you are able to mirror your iPad Pro screen to your computer so that it can be shared via Skype.

Whom is it recommended for?

As the third of the General Studies modules in the Graphic Design Masterclass, it is a must for every student who wants to study image manipulation, retouching, and the process of designing for print. This module is a prerequisite for the Typography and Desktop Publishing module, which concludes the General Studies section in this masterclass.

Completion of this module also grants access to Advanced Image Manipulation and Previsualisation and Showcasing.

Software we use


Working with Bitmaps

RGB, Index and CMYK. Colour conversions. Understanding resolution.

Introducing Photoshop

Layers and channels. Transformations. Artboards in Photoshop.


Working with brushes. Finetuning brush settings. Opacity vs Flow.

Basic Healing and Cloning

The basics of cloning and Frankensteining. Understanding content-aware tools.

Selections and Masks

The Lasso and the Quick Selection Tool. Select and Mask. Colour-based selections. The Paths palette. Creating and modifying vector masks.


project “Billboard”—step one

Pitching the advertisement in 3 different directions.

Adjustment Layers

Advanced layer management and non-destructive image editing.

Blending Modes

The everyday usage of blending modes.


project “Billboard”—Step Two

Finding, modifying, and homogenising the elements of the billboard ad.

Automation and Linking

Recording and using actions in Photoshop and Bridge. All about smart objects.

Layer Effects

An overview of the layer effects and their usage. Creating complex effects.

Perspectivity in Photoshop

Perspective Warp and Vanishing Point.


Different kinds of Blur, Noise and Sharpen.


Project “Billboard”—Final Step

Completing the billboard design and preparing it for printing.