2. vector graphics

What is this module about?

In this module, you’ll be introduced to visual identity design through the use of vector graphics. You will create a brand, design a logo, and learn the practical application of it by designing the packaging and a display for a certain product. Concluding this project, you will either build a paper maquette of your packaging and display, or design contents for a Facebook product page and layout for a landing page.

What are the requirements for this module?

Whom is it recommended for?

Software we use


File Management and User Interface

Preferences of Bridge and Illustrator. Synchronizing colour space. Setting up our workspace in Illustrator.

Basic Vector Graphics

Path and shape. Stroke and fill. Bézier curves. Compound paths.

Advanced Vector Graphics

The Shapebuilder. The Width Tool. Gradients. Using layers.

Isometric Drawing

Using actions. Drawing in isometric 3D.

Mesh Tool & Symbols

Using the Mesh Tool and the Symbol Spray to create sophisticated vectorgraphics.

Patterns, Styles and Brushes

Creating and applying patterns, brush styles and object styles.

Masking and Transparency

Different uses of masks and basic transparency effects.

Working with Type

Artistic and Area Type. Type on a path. Roman hanging punctuation.


Warps and distortion effects.


project “himalaya”—general challenge

Research 3 different target groups. Create 3 concepts.
Design the identity for the concept you picked.

Project “himalaya”—print challenge

Rules of logo design. Preliminary research. Sketching the logo.

project “himalaya”—digital challenge

Designing and finalising the logo. Creating the packaging and the display.


The module ideally takes 16 lessons to finish.

A lesson is 90 minutes long.

It is recommended to take 1 lesson a week.




(paid in 4 installments)

£ 276 ×4 (£ 1104)

FOR duos:

(paid in 4 installments)

£ 138 ×4 (£ 552) /student