So let's get down to the nitty gritty.


First of all: this is the spot where we should state our philosophy. You know, the "at Twenty-Five Seven, we-believe-in" stuff. Unfortunately, we don't seem to have anything of that sort. We simply enjoy what we do and are quite happy to see that it pays for our living.


But before you take it literally, the name of the studio is actually a metaphor. We do love our work, but we just as much like to be in the habit of having lives. We try to keep ourselves motivated and creative by avoiding the current trends of workaholism, because we've found that there is no inspiration without impulse (and we like to work and have a laugh in the meantime).


We also never stopped learning. The pride we take in our craft is fuelled by the usage and discovery of the latest methods and techniques, the keeping of the highest standards, and the pushing of limits as much as possible. We are also quite passionate about educating the next generation of fantastic designers and artists, as well as our clients, because it always pays if one knows what they're buying.


Go on then, contact us and let's have a talk. The many ways to reach us are listed underneath my big smiley head. We'll find your solution. We're kind of good at that.


Don't be a stranger.

Feri Zsolnai

owner/Creative Director


3 Chapel St
G73 1JL Glasgow

Tax ID Number: 20 / 608 / 00778

VAT Reg No: DE 307 847 162