“I got answers to questions I have never asked. Feri is surprisingly patient and has an enormous amount of knowledge, these two combined results in a very enjoyable lesson series.”

— Tamás Bányai (Canada)

“The skills to analyse ideas and thoughts behind a piece of work and to implement yours to your own design can only be acquired from true professionals.”

— Atsushi Yukutake (The Netherlands)

“Feri was one of the biggest milestones in my design career. The knowledge what he shared and what his course gave me helps me solve real design problems every day.”

— Márton Kocsis (The Netherlands)

“Rarely can you find the kind of teacher wh'll  guide you to find the right way for yourself, instead of telling you what to do; and who'll always respond to your questions, doubts and thoughts.”

— Eszter Molnár (Greece)

“Professional, thorough, patient, consistent and very helpful. I've learned a lot from him. And after having finished the course I can still ask for his help. I can only recommend him.”

— Andrea Tátrai (Hungary)

“The most important lesson I learned from him was how to think by myself — about solutions, structure, workflow, etc. He gave me strength and confidence to talk about my thoughts.”

— Toshikazu Muromoto (Japan)

3D Modelling for Video Games

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Digital Sculpting Essentials