Forget your business attire.

It's your friendly neighbourhood design studio.

We teach what we do. We run courses on desktop & digital publishing, graphic design, 3D graphics, visual communication and design theory, you name it. All our courses and workshops are available online and in person, and if you need us to go on-site and give a custom-made workshop right at your office, we are happy to arrange that, too.


Our material is based on industry experience and contemporary methods. We also personalise it as much as we can to make you feel like you are dwelling on familiar ground.


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Our approach is a little bit unusual when it comes to graphic design:
we ask "why" a lot. Why do we do that? Because we like to make sure that you get what you need, instead of what you want. If you want a new website, maybe you in fact need an app or just a redesign. If you want a cute little animal in your IT-related logo, well, we would really like you to give a solid explanation. For your own sake.


When, together with you, we have found out what you really need, we will present you with options, alternatives and solutions.


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While our main focus regarding 3D graphics is on previsualisation and concepting, we also create real-time assets for video games and the web.


3D visuals are steadily growing to be an ordinary part of our everyday lives. Whether you need to preview your upcoming event's set in virtual reality, or you need a photorealistic rendering of a product that is yet to be produced; or maybe you need to check your branded items in advance, or you want the products in your webshop on interactive turntables, we will explain your possibilities and help you choose
the best and most affordable solution.


You can find out more about our 3D services here.

The studio was founded by Adobe Certified Expert Feri Zsolnai who has been working as an educator, a graphic designer, a 3D artist, and a filmmaker in the past two decades.


We train future designers, photographers and 3D artists, do design work ourselves, participate in game development, and produce films.


25/7 do not have an office: we prefer to operate online. In the time of broad-band internet connections and affordable high-tech gadgets we find it quite lovely to be able to work from wherever we like.


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